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English Language Courses

English Language Courses

  • Beginner-700
  • Elementary-1500
  • Pre Intermediate-2000
  • Intermediate-2500
  • Upper Intermediate-3200
  • Advanced-3500
  • Proficient-3500
Personality Development Courses

Human and Personality Development Courses

  • Public Speaking.
  • Personality Development for Professionals.
  • Mothers can make a difference.

personality development institute in Amravati

For Kids

  • Development Program-L1-1000
  • Development Program-L2-2000
  • English For Kids - Beginner-1000
  • Mastery in Spellings- L1 to L6-1000/level
  • Creative Writting-L1 to L8-1000/level

What are advantages of we can?

  1. Build your fluency, accuracy and confidence. Learn language for real-life communication and express yourself in everyday situation.
  2. Cover all the key language areas. Practice speaking, writing, reading and listening. Improve your grammer,vocabulary and pronunciation.
  3. Learn job-related-skills. Take part in group discussions, make presentations, and learn about job interviews, writing emails, CVs and cover letters.
  4. Aquire 21st century skills. Learn to communicate face-to-face and online,etiquette,teamwork,time management and self-study skills to continue learning outsite the course.
  5. Get constant teacher guidance and support. Get feedback on you're speaking and writting with error corrections.This means individual attention and personalized learning.
  6. Have fun while learning. Learn language concepts in an interview way. Practice to ensure that you have grasped the concepts and can use them in the outside world.
  7. Learn flexibility. Choose from a number of timetable options. With guided online learning, study when it best suits you. Repeat an activity or try a quize as many times as you want.
  8. Get expert counseling. Our experts advice you before, during and at the end of the course about your learning goals and your level of English.

What you get on the Course?

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